Your Way

The tokenless two-factor authentication that
caters for all types of users and access methods.

SecurEnvoy invented tokenless authentication, authentication is in our DNA and we continue to lead the industry in providing cost-effective, easy to use and easy to implement authentication that just works.

We know that the key to keeping your data secure while maintaining the efficiency of your staff relies on employees being able to get on with their jobs with minimum interruption. That’s why SecurEnvoy enables you and your end users to authenticate your way.

With our tokenless multi factor authentication, you identify people, not devices. That means your employees can use whatever device they like to confirm their identity, whether that’s a desktop PC the latest wearable, or their personal smartphone.


Authenticate your way

Don’t put barriers in the way of your users – simplicity encourages security. That’s why SecurEnvoy enables authentication any way your users like it.



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